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How to Make Thanksgiving Pet Safe?

Happy thanksgiving!

Don’t forget that the delicious foods that you will enjoy on the Thanksgiving Day are not good for pets and can cause serious illness. While your family enjoys a special meal, give your cat and dog a small feast of their own. Feed them friendly options instead.

Keep your pet away from these dangerous festive foods:

      • Turkey Avoid giving your pet turkey meat, especially fatty dark meat, skin and any leftover bones. Not only are bones a choking hazard, but they can splinter inside your pet’s digestive tract. (a small amount of unseasoned white meat is okay)
      • Garlic, onion, leeks, and chives. These seasonings are toxic to dogs and cats – they can cause destruction of their red blood cells. Avoid giving your pet a bite of anything cooked with these ingredients, like green beans, potatoes, stuffing, or gravy.
      • Unbaked dough containing yeast. Unbaked yeast dough can cause a stomach blockage if eaten
      • Desserts should be kept out of your pet’s reach as well. Chocolate, raisins, currants, and the popular sugar-substitute xylitol. Xylitol, even in small amounts, are toxic to your dogs & cats, so please keep keto-friendly/diabetic-friendly/sugar-free deserts to yourself.
      • make sure your trash can is secure as well and out of the reach pf your pets.


The good News: Canned pumpkin is good for your dog. Canned pumpkin contains soluble fiber, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, beta-carotene and iron. But remember as with any good thing, use it in moderation, 1 teaspoon is plenty.

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