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Hurricane Planning Tips

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Hurricane Planning Tips

When a natural disaster strikes, Good Shepherd Pet Hospital ‘s team think of the four-legged🐱🐶 family members that are displaced and in danger.

Here are some first aid tips for dogs and cats:

  • Do not allow pets to drink or swim in flood waters because of the toxins dangerous to humans and pets.
  • Be aware of any sharp objects brought into your area by flood waters. They can cause significant injury.
  • Don’t tie up dogs or cats to fences or stationary objects in the house as this may cause them to hurt themselves.
  • Provide fresh or boiled water if possible, for drinking water. Cats should drink 1 cup of water each day; dogs should drink 1-2 cups of water per day.
  • If your pets regular diet isn’t available feed them bland foods and protein if it is readily available.
  • If your pet is experiencing vomiting or diarrhea, this is common due to stress.
  • If the pet is vomiting, allow them 4-6 hours with no food or water, then slowly reintroduce food and water in small amounts.
  • If your pet is having diarrhea, ensure they have a source of clean water and encourage them to eat, so they do not become dehydrated.
  • Our pets get stressed just like us, create an area where dogs and cats can feel protected.
  • If your pet sustains a wound, you can place some water soluble lubricant over the wound, which keeps tissues moist and will aid in cleaning the wound later, then cover the wound with non-stick dressing or bandage to prevent further contamination.

Remember that if you are evacuating with your pet to bring proof of vaccines and a photo of you and your pet together in the event of separation, or get your pet microchipped today.

Pets bring us a great joy and comfort and we want them to remain healthy, happy and with their families.

Call us at 813-920-0303, if you have any questions!

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