Our Comprehensive Examinations
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At Good Shepherd Pet Hospital, the care and well-being of your pet is our number one priority. Whether your pet is seen for an evaluation on a yearly basis, as a sick pet, for an emergency or examined on a routine basis for a chronic or on-going condition, our comprehensive examinations are geared toward caring for your pet with the highest standards of care. With each examination, your pet will be seen by our licensed veterinarian who will perform and recommend the following during your pet’s comprehensive examination:

  • Intake of Your Pet’s Past and Recent Medical History
  • A Physical Exam Including the Following:
    • Skin and Coat Condition
      Eyes – checking signs of visual acuity, cloudiness, tearing or discharge, or signs of infection. Our geriatric patients may receive an eye pressure test that may determine any onset chronic diseases prone in senior pets.
    • Ears – an examination to look for any discharges, foul odor or smells, hearing acuity or obstructions.
    • Auscultation of the Heart and Lungs – just like a human doctor checks with his or her stethoscope, our veterinarian will listen to both the heart and lungs for the presence of any abnormal heart rhythms, chest congestion (wheezing) and any difficulty with breathing.
    • Mouth and Dental Condition – examining the condition of your pet’s teeth and gums can determine the presence of harmful bacteria, plaque and tartar build-up, broken teeth, bleeding, periodontal disease, abscesses, and other serious conditions.
    • Palpation of the Abdomen – intent on gently exploring the soft tissue of the abdomen including searching for any inflamed or enlarged organs.
    • Joint Mobility – aging pets may have chronic conditions such as arthritis or joint mobility issues which can lead to a decrease in quality of life.
    • Diet and Nutrition – essential to your pet’s continued health, our conversation with you, the pet owner, will help determine if your pet is receiving a well-balanced diet or any essential supplementation to procure proper health.
    • Activity Level – a discussion centered on your pet’s activity level will help our veterinarian determine the well-being of your pet including behavioral, multi-pet households and environmental conditions.
    • Parasite Prevention – an evaluation of your pet’s present flea, tick and heartworm prevention protocols.
  • Recommended Laboratory Bloodwork if your family veterinarian sees further cause to determine a diagnosis for an acute or chronic medical issue, as a baseline for prevention or for pre-screening for a surgical procedure.
  • Diagnostic Imaging – based on your pet’s medical condition, radiographs or an ultrasound may be recommended to help further diagnose and treat your pet.
  • Treatment Plans and Follow-up Care – based on any findings during your pet’s examination, we will collaborate with you with any follow-up care, prescribing of medications or health products, or recheck evaluations to make sure your pet receives any appropriate or any ongoing care.

Wellness Examinations (Annual):

A comprehensive examination of your pet that we provide on an annual or semi-annual basis based on your pet’s medical needs. Having an annual check-up by your family veterinarian, Dr. Bassem Deeb, can help ensure that your pet’s quality-of-life is maintained for great well-being and happiness. We pair your pet’s Wellness Exam with any needed vaccinations as well as yearly heartworm and fecal/parasite testing.

Are you interested in enrolling your pet into one of our cost-saving Good Shepherd Care Plans? Receive unlimited comprehensive examinations for your pet(s) on an annual basis alongside planned diagnostic testing and discounts on products and other services. For more information, please call our office at 813-920-0303.

Sick Pet Exam:  

Sometimes our pet(s) become acutely sick or chronically ill outside of regularly scheduled annual visits. Any anytime, pet owners can make an appointment with their family veterinarian at Good Shepherd Pet Hospital if your cat or dog seems to be feeling malaise, not eating or drinking, vomiting or diarrhea, having trouble urinating, experiencing troublesome itching or scratching or having difficulty with breathing. If you are concerned about your pet’s health, we recommend that you call us immediately and we will work your pet in to be seen on the same day.

Emergency Exam:   

No pet owner ever wants to experience their pet suffer an emergency condition, yet our pet hospital is specifically equipped to handle your pet emergency. Dr. Bassem Deeb is a highly-skilled pet physician with advanced training in emergency medicine. Our well-equipped facility and highly-trained staff are well-prepared to accept and evaluate your pet in an emergency situation. If you have any questions or concerns about your pet, please call our office immediately so that we can help you through the process of evaluating your pet’s emergency condition and prepare for your arrival at 813-920-0303.

Rescue/Shelter Pet Wellness Exam:  

Do you have a newly-adopted pet or rescue that you would like for us to care for at Good Shepherd Pet Hospital? We understand that inviting a new pet into your family household is a very big decision and commitment. We would like to help your family integrate your new, four-legged family member with our Rescue/Shelter Pet Wellness Exam. In addition to receiving our comprehensive exam, we will discuss how to introduce your pet into their new environment, any concerns you may have for multi-pet households, feeding schedules, behavioral issues and more. Helping pet owners with such a joyous occasion as a newly-adopted pet is important to our team so that your new pet can adjust properly with optimal health.

Health Certificate Wellness Examination:

Are you traveling with your pet either domestically or internationally? Depending on which US State or Country you plan travel to with your pet, certain requirements or restrictions are in place at each border. Some countries require varying vaccinations and/or preemptive titer tests, while other countries set minimum requirements. Our kind and compassionate veterinarian, Dr. Bassem Deeb, can help you navigate this detailed process. Dr. Deeb is also a USDA-accredited veterinarian who understands the rigors necessary to facilitate travel documents for interstate or overseas travel in concert with this Health Certificate Wellness Exam.