At Good Shepherd Pet Hospital, along with our dedicated team of highly-trained professionals, we have a fully-operational, well-equipped surgical suite to address treatment for your pet if surgical intervention is required. We understand that when any surgical procedure is necessary for your pet, extensive communication about diagnostics, treatment and follow-up care should be delivered to pet owners with care and compassion.

The following pathway details how we work with pet owners to strategically deliver successful results in an optimal setting when surgery is necessary for your pet:

Comprehensive Examination: Our surgery candidates are carefully screened by our veterinarian to ensure we create the best possible treatment plan for our patients. This step begins with having your pet’s medial history recorded and physical condition thoroughly examined.

Recommended Surgical Treatment Plan: Communication with pet owners is key to providing the best possible care for our patients. After your pet’s examination, if surgical intervention is recommended, we will discuss with you the appropriate treatment plan for your pet. Our team members will include in the consult, what procedure will take place, check-in procedures, and cost of the surgery. We will also discuss your concerns as well as answer any questions that you may have.

Pre-Surgical Bloodwork: Patients who are undergoing a surgical procedure with us will also need to have the proper diagnostic steps taken to ensure the best possible surgical outcome which includes Pre-Surgical Bloodwork. These laboratory test results indicate the health of many of your pet’s systems including function of organs that filter anesthesia.

Surgical procedure: Your pet’s treatment through surgical intervention is addressed with the utmost concern by our team at Good Shepherd Pet Hospital. With comfort, care and compassion being our number one priority, our expert veterinarian is always supported during surgery with highly-skilled veterinary technician who support our surgeon and who monitors vital signs, anesthesia, oxygen levels and more during the surgical procedure.

Post-Surgical Care: After surgery, our patients are kept warm and comfortable and given lots of love while they are being closely monitored during the recovery stage. Our team members will contact pet owners with updates throughout the day before a scheduled pick-up is determined to review follow-up care during discharge.

Follow-up Instructions: Follow-up care is very important to the overall success of surgery. During the patient discharge, our team will consult with you, the pet owner about take-home instructions. These discharge orders will address pain management and any medication schedules that are necessary, physical and dietary restrictions (if any), activity levels and more. Our team will also be available to answer any follow-up questions or concerns that you may have throughout the post-surgical process.

Our mission statement, “To Walk with Your Pet Every Step of the Way”, is infused into every part of how we provide services to our patients including with surgery. If you would like to make an appointment to have your pet evaluated for a surgical procedure, please call our office at 813-920-0303.