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Your pet’s dependable partner in looking neat, cute, and fluffy!

Good Shepherd Pet Hospital gladly offers professional grooming services. Our grooming staff is 100% dedicated and passionate about providing a stress-free, gentle, and calm grooming experience for your pet.

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Pets that do not require a haircut will receive a bath, seasonal lemon/lavender shampoo, a 15-minute blow dry, brushing, and nail trim.

Includes a bath package and trimming of face, feet, and fanny.

Includes a bath package and full body hair trim.

Scheduled appointments are required. Your pet can be dropped off as early as 8:00 am and picked up no later than 6:00 pm during our regular opening hours. They will have constant access to fresh water and will be walked several times throughout the day. Occasionally, we can to accommodate requests for a specific pick up time. Due to the number of pets scheduled each day, these special requests are limited and must be requested at the time the appointment is made. A good contact number is required so we may call you when your pet is ready to go home. Due to the different stages that each pet will go through to receive their complete grooming, it may be necessary for your pet to spend a good part of the day at our facility. The drop off times does not reflect the order in which your pet will be groomed.

To ensure your pet’s safety and health, Good Shepherd Pet Hospital requires all dogs to be current on their Rabies, Distemper, Bordatella and Influenza vaccines, and cats to be current on their Rabies and Distemper vaccines before being admitted for grooming. If vaccinated at another facility, proof of vaccinations is required.

The health of your pet is our # 1 priority and as we walk with your pet each step of the way, we want to ensure that they are happy, safe, and healthy. If your pets are not on flea prevention and they currently suffer from fleas, they will require treatment and start on flea prevention at least one week before the appointment. If a pet shows up for grooming appointment and has a flea problem, he or she will be seen by our veterinarian to address and treat your pet from fleas before proceeding with the grooming service, also the grooming appointment might be postponed for a later visit.

Because this exceptional grooming service is a part of our veterinary hospital, rest assured that whenever a medical emergency arises while your pet is with us, he or she will have immediate access to our professional veterinary staff.

*** Prices may vary based upon the breed, condition, and thickness of the coat. De-matting, undercoat removal and extra brushing fees may apply. A special handling fee may be added for behavior issues or extensive breed specific styling.

*** Teeth Brushing, Anal Gland Expression, Ear Cleaning, Ear Hair Removal (Plucking) Services, or Special Shampoo are available upon request. Extra charges will apply.