Anesthesia Release and Surgery Consent Form

Save time at your pet’s surgical appointment. Complete your anesthesia release and surgery consent form online your visit.

For Dentals Only

For Female Spays Only


Before putting your pet under anesthesia a blood analysis will be performed to ensure that your pets’ vital organs are functioning in a normal and healthy manner or that they do not have an infection. These simple blood tests will allow us to make sure that your pet is in the physical health required for us to administer anesthesia.

Fluid Therapy

An IV catheter is placed and LRS fluids are given through the IV before, during and after the procedure(s). This assists your pets’ kidney and live to flush the anesthesia through their system and keeps their blood pressure normal during the procedure(s). This also allows them to stay comfortable by keeping them hydrated during and after the procedure(s).

Pain Medication

This procedure provides after surgery pain relief to your pet. It includes an injection for pain after the procedure as well as pain medication to go home with them.

Laser Therapy



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