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  • Bassem Deeb

    Dr. Bassem Deeb Owner/Medical Director

    Dr. Bassem Deeb grew up in Cairo, Egypt, where his love of animals began early in life. His childhood was spent caring for a variety of animals.

    At an early age, he realized his love and care for animals and how he could best serve the animal community by becoming a veterinarian. He understood the connections that the people have toward their pets at that early age. Following his childhood dream, Dr. Deeb attended Cairo University, where he studied Veterinary Medicine and graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Veterinary Medical Science. Even during his time in Medical school, he never stopped caring for animals and volunteered regularly. Dr. Deeb is indulging his passion for helping and rescuing injured pets.

    After making the United States his permanent home, Dr. Deeb completed the Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates (ECFVG) program sanctioned by the American Veterinary Medicine Association (AVMA). Dr. Deeb also completed his internship at an Emergency Small Animal Hospital in NJ.

    For over fifteen years, Dr. Deeb has established a highly-esteemed career in veterinary medicine excelling in many areas, including Preventative Medicine, Surgery, Emergency, and Critical Care Medicine. He is passionate about delivering high-quality medicine to your pets. Dr. Deeb served as Chief-of-Staff for many years in an animal hospital in Tampa, FL.

    In addition to his experience, this position enabled him to mentor and educate incoming veterinarians, veterinary students, and support staff.

    Dr. Deeb is a member of the Florida Veterinary Medical Association (FVMA), as well as a USDA-accredited veterinarian. He is also certified to approve international and interstate pet travel requirements and health certificates.

    Dr. Deeb continues to further his education and training through advanced courses in veterinary medicine. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and participating in events in his community.

  • Tally

    Tally Veterinary Nurse, Hospital Manager

    Tally, another wonderful addition to our founding team, was born in Georgia, yet raised right here in the Tampa Bay area. A natural animal lover, she has been caring for them her entire life, from taking in strays to volunteering at multiple shelters during college. With dreams of one day becoming a certified Wildlife Rehabilitation specialist, Tally has over 8 years of exposure in the animal health field. Her experience includes studying and completing her degree in Animal Sciences, volunteering in kennels, as well as working through an internship for her Veterinary Assistant certification.

    During the progression of her education, Tally has also attained her Pet Nutrition certification. She had started out working as a Veterinary nurse here at Good Shepherd over two years ago and since then has worked on numerous surgeries, clients in need of cutting-edge procedures such as Stem Cell Therapy, has been certified in Cold Laser Therapy, preforms all Ultrasounds in clinic with our certified Ultrasound technician and has progressed into becoming our Hospital Manager!

    Tally is very excited to continue making lasting connections with both pet owners and our patients at Good Shepherd Pet Hospital. Her favorite aspect of working on our team is her respect for the care and love, our founder, Dr. Bassem Deeb, shows for the well-being of every pet and their owners. She is also involved with enhancing our social media platforms with great content and photos. Tally’s pet family includes Olivia Grace or “Olive”, a precious Labrador/Whippet mix and Daisy an adopted Black Mouth Cur mix. Tally love to take them all over town with her exploring new restaurants, fishing, and going to the beach, or on nature trails.

  • Bryce McNellie

    We’re very excited to introduce our Veterinary Nurse, Bryce! Bryce is a Tampa local, born and raised. Bryce has been extremely focused on his dream of working with animals since he was only 6 years old. At age 8, Bryce had already begun volunteering at animal hospitals. Growing up, Bryce’s family had acquired a multitude of pets starting from adorable fishes, snakes, geckos, cats, dogs, bunnies, rats and even a bearded dragon!

    Good Shepherd first met Bryce when he was completing his CVA and interning in 2020. During his internship with us, Bryce showed incredible promise and outstanding work ethic along with his inherent care for the pet patients we have treated. Halfway through Bryce’s internship we were so pleased at how fast he was progressing that we decided to start him as a Veterinary Assistant. In 2021 Bryce had completely moved up to becoming one of our main Veterinary Technicians, became certified in Laser Therapy, starting caring for pets in rooms and working face to face with our amazing clients! According to Bryce, he is “currently loving the technician position and the education and opportunities given by Dr. Deeb, Tally and Good Shepherd Pet Hospital” and it’s an honor to have him on our team.

    Bryce is excited to keep learning and moving up in the veterinary field while caring for the animals in clinic and at home. His full house of pets currently consists of two leopard geckos, two ball pythons, five tanks with a bunch of fish friends, four cats and a bunny! He explained that the ability to see our patients’ progressions through the healing process and being able to observe the pets change in behavior as they feel better brings joy and satisfaction to his work and he cannot wait to continue to experience that feeling.

  • Nicole Bio Photo

    Nicole Newman

    Meet Nicole, an incredible addition to our Good Shepherd Family!

    Nicole grew up in a small Maryland town and relocated to Florida in August of 2019. Nicole worked at a dairy farm in high school, right next to a veterinarian who came every week to help the animals. When she was tasked to work as the Veterinarian’s assistant at the farm, her passion for working with animals ignited! Nicole is extremely interested in the science behind all veterinary treatments and is eager to help out any pet or wildlife that may be in need. She dedicated herself to fostering dogs and even guinea pigs while taking care of her own animals at home; consisting of pigs, chickens and rabbits! Nicole fully submerged herself into the veterinary field in January of 2019 and since then has been flourishing in so many ways. Starting as a surgical assistant and veterinary technician, Nicole has since been certified in Cold Laser Therapy and now has moved on to her role as our Lead Surgery Technician!

    She is currently working on obtaining her CVT and continuing to consistently progress in caring for animals.

    Nicole has been continuously adding to her family by adopting the cutest animals ever in the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021. She now dedicates her free time to her two pets rats, her loving Pitbull mix “Dakota” her trouble-making kitten “Ellie Walker” and, her newest addition, another kitten, “Peaches” who absolutely adore going on “wheeling” adventures in her truck.

  • Cheyenne Bailey

    Meet Cheyenne! This extremely dedicated Veterinary Technician was born and raised in Plant City, Florida. She grew up on a small family-owned cattle farm and rescue. During her stages of life her passion for veterinary care had flourished. Cheyenne’s softness and care for all animals began before she could walk. At the young age of three she would wake up bright and early on Saturday mornings to watch her hero Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter, on animal planet. Being immersed in farm life and watching her favorite animal shows, her dream to work in veterinary care had become her absolute goal.

    Cheyenne worked her way through volunteering at Shelters, to becoming a Veterinary Receptionist, on to an Assistant and now working alongside our staff as a Veterinary Technician assisting in appointments and surgeries! She is certified in Cold Laser Therapy and Pet CPR while currently continuing her studies at University of South Florida majoring in Veterinary Technology and minoring in Zoology. Cheyenne has spent 15 years of her life in animal care and is going on her sixth year in the Veterinary Field.

    After much consideration, Cheyenne has decided to explore not only veterinary medicine, but research and rehabilitation as well. She has been dreaming of dedicating her passion and her work to wildlife on the African reserves. As she fights daily to achieve her lifelong dream, she is putting her skills into practice with Good Shepherd and continuing to learn every day. 

    Cheyenne explained that her favorite aspect of working with our team is watching the pets that improve with every visit! Whether it’s from just a small cut, or it’s pets that take part in our Stem Cell Therapy procedure, every bit of improvement warms her heart. When she is not at work caring for the Good Shepherd family, she’s home with her two cats Onyx and Opal, or whisking away to Disney world!

  • Mariam Daood

    Mariam, another fantastic addition to our Good Shepherd Family, joined in 2021, was born all the way in Egypt where she attended Assuit University with a Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medical science! Mariam moved to the United States in 2018 with her beautiful family in hopes of completing her studies and becoming a full time Veterinarian!

    While studying, Mariam developed a big understanding of Veterinary medical care and now that she has become a part of our team, she is able to put her knowledge to use! Mariam has shown an excess amount of positivity and an immense amount of energy while working with us. She continues to ask questions and continue to further her knowledge. Mariam has shown an incredible amount of teamwork with our staff and is always the first to volunteer for an extra task. Currently she is currently still in school, taking exams and transitioning into the Veterinary world in the United States so that she is able to achieve her DVM here and become licensed by the American Veterinary Medicine Association (AVMA).

    During her time not at the clinic, Mariam explained her favorite thing to do is spend time with her family, especially her adorable son. Her favorite past time is lounging on the couch and watching movies with her loved ones. At home, Mariam has a small turtle named Lucy and is currently in the market for a big fluffy pup! We are ecstatic to have her continue to learn and grow at Good Shepherd Pet Hospital and we cannot wait to see her flourish in the coming years as a veterinarian.

  • Kelsey Flippence

    Meet our Lead Receptionist, Kelsey! Kelsey grew up in Oregon and relocated to Tampa, Florida during high school. Just like the majority of our staff, Kelsey’s abundance of love for animals started very young. Throughout her life, she has always had furry friends surrounding her. Kelsey had worked in customer service for a large period of time and has always had a knack for human interaction. She is very bright, enthusiastic and hardworking. Being kind and outgoing, combined with her adoration of animals she decided to enter the Veterinary field in 2019. Since then, she has worked on reception work, as well as gained Veterinary Assistant skills!

    Kelsey started here at Good Shepherd Pet Hospital in 2021 and has been an incredible contributor to our team. Kelsey is expedient during emergencies, she is efficient, gentle with our patients and very determined to help create the best quality atmosphere for our clients and patients who come through our door. Kelsey has shown an incredible amount of teamwork capabilities and positivity ever since her very first day!

    Kesley is a very family-oriented person who is always excited to speak about her fur family, two purrrfect kitties! Her cats are named Chichi and Quesorito.  Quesorito, being named after her favorite fast-food restaurant – Taco Bell. Kelsey explained she loves her current position because she is always excited to greet all of the friendly animals at the door and she is so grateful and proud of the clients we encounter and how sweet they all are! Kelsey explained, since she is so family oriented, she is very happy to say she feels that Good Shepherd Pet Hospital is a part of her family too!

  • Whitney Speight

    We’re very excited to introduce one of the newest members of our Good Shepherd Pet Family, Whitney! Whitney was born in Kentucky and since then has lived all over the United States before settling down in our Sunshine State for the birth of her first child! Whitney has been through a lot of changes throughout her life but the one constant has been her unwavering love of animals!

    While Whitney does not have a huge amount of experience in the Veterinary field, she does have all of the amazing qualities of someone we are thrilled to have on our team. Whitney has been working in customer service her whole life and thoroughly enjoys speaking to people and helping them feel comfortable in whatever environment they may find themselves. Whitney also possesses experience working in the human medical field! Whitney is fast-learning and very dedicated to her studies at home and in clinic so that she may continue to grow her veterinary knowledge. Since a young age, she has always wanted to work with animals! She grew up already inquiring about vaccinations and preventative care since she has owned pets her entire life.

    Currently, Whitney shares her home with her husband Jordan, her son Sutton and daughter Sawyer along with three rescue pups Blue, Brix and Jelly and her two cats Peanut Butter and Quinn. Passionate in her love of Veterinary Medicine, she hopes to continue learning and one day move from reception to becoming a Certified Veterinary Technician. While not at the clinic, Whitney enjoys spending time with her family, lounging on a boat, riding ATVs, watching football or relaxing with her rescues and a good book.


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