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  • Bassem Deeb

    Dr. Bassem Deeb Owner/Medical Director

    Dr. Bassem Deeb grew up in Cairo, Egypt, where his love of animals began early in life. His childhood was spent caring for a variety of animals.

    At an early age, he realized his love and care for animals and how he could best serve the animal community by becoming a veterinarian. He understood the connections that the people have toward their pets at that early age. Following his childhood dream, Dr. Deeb attended Cairo University, where he studied Veterinary Medicine and graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Veterinary Medical Science. Even during his time in Medical school, he never stopped caring for animals and volunteered regularly. Dr. Deeb is indulging his passion for helping and rescuing injured pets.

    After making the United States his permanent home, Dr. Deeb completed the Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates (ECFVG) program sanctioned by the American Veterinary Medicine Association (AVMA). Dr. Deeb also completed his internship at an Emergency Small Animal Hospital in NJ.

    For over fifteen years, Dr. Deeb has established a highly-esteemed career in veterinary medicine excelling in many areas, including Preventative Medicine, Surgery, Emergency, and Critical Care Medicine. He is passionate about delivering high-quality medicine to your pets. Dr. Deeb served as Chief-of-Staff for many years in an animal hospital in Tampa, FL.

    In addition to his experience, this position enabled him to mentor and educate incoming veterinarians, veterinary students, and support staff.

    Dr. Deeb is a member of the Florida Veterinary Medical Association (FVMA), as well as a USDA-accredited veterinarian. He is also certified to approve international and interstate pet travel requirements and health certificates.

    Dr. Deeb continues to further his education and training through advanced courses in veterinary medicine. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and participating in events in his community.

  • Tally

    Tally Veterinary Nurse, Hospital Manager

    Tally, another wonderful addition to our founding team, was born in Georgia, yet raised right here in the Tampa Bay area. A natural animal lover, she has been caring for them her entire life, from taking in strays to volunteering at multiple shelters during college. With dreams of one day becoming a certified Wildlife Rehabilitation specialist, Tally has over 6 years of exposure in the animal health field. Her experience includes studying and completing her degree in Animal Sciences, volunteering in kennels, as well as working through an internship for her Veterinary Assistant certification. During the progression of her education, Tally has also attained her Pet Nutrition certification.

    Tally is very excited to make lasting connections with both pet owners and our patients at Good Shepherd Pet Hospital. Her favorite aspect of working on our team is her respect for the care and love, our founder, Dr. Bassem Deeb, shows for the well-being of every pet and their owners. She is also involved with enhancing our social media platforms with great content and photos. Tally’s pet family includes Olivia Grace or “Olive”, a precious Labrador/Whippet mix who she just adores and takes all over town with her exploring new restaurants, fishing, and going to the beach, or on nature trails.

  • Chris Bio Photo

    Christopher Asencio

    Introducing Chris, a diligent and dedicated Veterinary Technician that we are so pleased to have here at Good Shepherd!
    Chris was born in Puerto Rico, and at a young age moved to our very own Tampa Bay! He attended college at the University of Florida majoring in pre-professional biology, looking to achieve his DVM and become a licensed Veterinarian. During the course of his schooling he decided he did not want to wait to be working in the field with the animals, and turned his focus to becoming a veterinary technician. In high school, he started working as a consistent volunteer at local shelters, zoos, sanctuaries and even emergency veterinary clinics! Entering the field at a young age he quickly began to grow his unswerving passion for helping furry friends. Holding that passion, Chris deemed himself ready and willing to learn everything there is to know about animals.

    During his studies, Chris noticed that he was drawn most to animal dentistry and the feeling that he gets when he is able to see his patients all the way through their healing and treatment process. Chris is extremely ecstatic to be working with Dr. Deeb because of not only his care for pets, but because of his innovative ideas and matched excitement for dentistry in the animal world.
    Chris continues to grow his knowledge every day by attending school for his CVT, watching numerous animal health webinars, and studying on his own time the behavior and medicine of not only our pets, but marine and reptilian friends as well. He states all the time that, he “can’t wait to meet every patient that we can call family here at Good Shepherd.”

  • Nicole Bio Photo

    Nicole Newman

    Meet Nicole, an incredible addition to our Good Shepherd Family! Nicole grew up in a small town in Maryland and just recently moved to Florida in August of 2019. In high school, Nicole worked at a dairy farm right beside a Veterinarian that would come and help the animals every week. Being tasked as the Veterinarians assistant at the farm sparked up her passion for working with animals! Nicole is extremely interested in the science behind all treatments in the veterinary world and eager to help out any pet or wildlife that may be in need. She dedicated herself to fostering dogs and even guinea pigs while keeping her own 4H animals at home consisting of pigs, chickens and rabbits! Nicole fully submerged herself into the veterinary field in January of 2019 and since then has been flourishing in so many ways by being a surgical assistant, veterinary technician and now becoming certified in Cold Laser Therapy.

    She is currently working on obtaining her CVT and continuing to consistently progress in caring for animals.

    As of now, Nicole does not own her own pets, but she is looking forward to adopting a kitty very shortly that she can take on her “wheeling” adventures in her Jeep.

  • Valerie Bio Photo

    Valerie Sandoval

    Say hello to our Head Surgery Nurse, Valerie! Valerie’s hard work and dedication to our clinic and all pets is only one of the reasons we are so excited to have her as a part of our team.

    Valerie was born in New York and transitioned back and forth to our beloved Florida throughout her years, until she fully submerged herself into the Sunshine State in high school. During this time she was immersed in all things pets, especially dogs. Her beloved mother was a manager for a daycare and boarding facility in which her passion for animals began to sprout. Spending millions of hours with dogs really gave Valerie her purpose.

    Valerie’s drive took control, and she began her journey in the Veterinary world volunteering and helping her mom at the boarding facility until a few years ago when she got her first position at Banfield! She gained an incredible amount of experience working with all pets, and that is where she achieved a position as a Surgical Veterinary Technician. Performing dentals, and assisting on all surgeries that may be able to benefit the health and pro-long the life of furry friends, gave her so much joy.

    Valerie’s skill-set doesn’t stop at Technician work. Her determination and great work ethic also put her in a position as a manager of a restaurant, giving her customer service and organizational methods that she could transfer to everyone she worked with. Valerie loved working with people, but her true calling was always animals. In her words, “Nothing is better than going in to the clinic and seeing wagging tails and licks all over. It’s all love.”

    Currently, she is thriving as our lead surgery nurse and putting all of her knowledge to use at Good Shepherd Pet Hospital, and we are so grateful to have her as a part of our family. She is looking forward to continuing to further her knowledge in the hopes of someday becoming a Veterinarian for herself. 

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