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Good Shepherd Pet Hospital Services

Good Shepherd Pet hospital provides veterinary services for every stage in your pet’s life, from the first set of shots to a lifetime preventive care to keep your pet happy and healthy.
We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our many services to help keep your pet on path to wellness and reach their full Pawtential!

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Stemcell and PRP Therapies

Both are becoming increasingly popular in veterinary medicine for treating various conditions in animals.

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Comprehensive Examination

We perform an overall health assessment for your pets.

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Good Shepherd Care Plans

We help create a wellness plan to ensure good health in their early stages.

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Dentistry & Oral Surgery

Let us help you maintain good dental health for your pets.

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We can provide high-quality diagnostic tests to ensure the health of your furbabies.

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Our fully operational and well-equipped surgical suites are ready to address extensive pet care needs.

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Emergency Care

Our advanced skills and technology provide prompt care for pets with acute or chronic illnesses.

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Cold Laser Therapy

Relieve your pets’ pains and accelerate their healing process with our Cold Laser Therapy treatment.

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Boarding / Medical Boarding

Alongside our state-of-the-art accommodations, we are committed to being your pet’s second home.

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PRP Therapy

We help your pet heal through breakthrough and non-surgical means.

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Actistem Therapy

Allow us to help your furry loved ones regenerate damaged and lost cells.

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Other Services

Learn more about we can help your furry friends.

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