Quality of Life

Managing your pet’s quality of life can be difficult, especially for older companions or those with chronic conditions. Your Good Shephard veterinary family is here to ensure you don’t face this struggle alone.

It’s hard to watch our beloved friends get older.

Especially if they suffer from arthritis, or another ailment that makes it difficult for them to enjoy their favorite activities.

But getting older doesn’t mean that your loved one can’t have a good quality of life. In fact, your Good Shepherd Family can help you keep them comfortable and happy for as long as possible.

Then, when the time comes, to close the circle of life, we can ensure your best friend has a peaceful, dignified loving end of life journey.

Focusing on the Quality of Life

Just as it is for us, getting old can be tough. Pets may start to slow down and struggle to do things with ease, like jumping or walking.

If your senior pet starts to suffer from pain, mobility problems or medical ailments, or even if they are younger and have a serious medical ailment, we can help you watch for early signs of discomfort, and create a plan to keep them as comfortable as possible.

Using the right combinations of treatments, often will allow your loved one(s) more “good days” so you can enjoy more quality time together.

a dog being examined by a vet
a dog being examined by a vet


The word euthanasia comes from the Greek words meaning “good death.”

And that is exactly what euthanasia is meant to be — good, in the sense that death occurs peacefully (like a deep sleep), and that it puts an end to the pain and suffering that your loved one is experiencing. It is an act of closing the circle of life.

Often, when dogs and cats get older and suffer from chronic ailments, pain and lack of energy can go on for quite some time. With euthanasia, we can choose to let them go peacefully when they’re no longer able to enjoy life the way they used to.

How do I know if euthanasia is right for my loved one?

It is hard to know if the decision you are making is the right one. That’s especially true if your pet alternates between “good” and “bad” days.

We can help with understanding what is best for your loved one. Our veterinarians can do a physical exam to look for signs of pain that may not be obvious (dogs and cats are very good at hiding discomfort) and discuss with you how your pet is doing at home.

Our veterinarians will give you an honest evaluation to help make an informed decision. We understand how difficult it can be to reach the decision to close the circle of life, but you don’t have to make that choice alone. Your Good Shepherd Family is here to support you and your family by providing individualized care to make the experience dignified and meaningful.

Our priority is understanding your wishes for your loved one’s end of life and after. It is our goal to honor your requests and preferences and we make a promise to be faithful to them every step of the way.

a dog being examined by a vet
a dog being examined by a vet

In-Home Euthanasia

When the time has come to close the circle of life, we can come to your home if you prefer, allowing your best friend to stay in their own safe and calm environment with loved ones.

We offer private and communal cremation services through Faithful Companion Pet Cremation Services. If you have made the decision for a private cremation, Faithful Companion contacts you directly and schedules a time that is best for you and brings your best friend back home to you. So, you do not have to worry about coming back to the clinic to collect your best friend’s remains. They also provide caskets that, while in the clinic, you and your family can write and draw on. You may also bring any items you would like your best friend to close the circle of life with. Contact Faithful Companion if you have any crematory questions via their website.

For pet loss and grief support call 1-833-PET-1234 or visit petcloud.pet.